About Us

What we believe is simple, everyone has more about them than what is clearly visible on the surface. More skills, talents and abilities than what formal qualifications show or professional work experience alone demonstrates

This network aims to provide a platform where these skills can be displayed by individuals and brought together with the aim of providing mutual benefit

Our desire is for these skills to be brought to the service, combined with skills from other users and directed towards positive goals

This will also create a market place where skills can be sought in order to help create and complete projects, or to gain more experience on various topics

Create groups and work together on projects. Find the missing skills you require in order to help build your dreams

If you want to know more about why this website started, read our story.

This site will also be routinely updated with articles related to the latest hot topics in business, economics and public policy

For more information, get in touch –¬†Email: dark_skills@outlook.com