Our Story

Back in 2015 the authors of this site had an idea to create a piece of software which would revolutionize the accounting world. A business plan was draw up and a plan of action was put into place to attempt to achieve this target.

However it was quickly determined that the skills required to develop such a piece of software did not exist within the founding team. To overcome this we decided to contract these services in…….which was revealed to be an expensive option. Secondly we looked at asking some developer “friends” if they could assist in this process for a delayed reward (shares in the startup), however this too proved to be unfruitful.

The idea then arose, what if there was a marketplace where skills and talents could be traded for mutual benefit? A place where individuals could use hobbies for practical purposes and for wider societal benefit? A place where learned and unofficial skills could be promoted? More than just official education and experience. So we began to look…….and one didn’t exist……..so we decided to create one

The aim was to create a platform which would be clean and simple to use and would facilitate easy user interaction